About us

The Lecram Film Media Entertainment Group of Companies N.V. is a holding company with its headquarters in The Netherlands.

Founded in the mid eighties by founding President & CEO Mr. M.R. Dijkhuizen, over the years Lecram Entertainment has developed into an international boutique group of companies active in the field of media, communication and entertainment.

The Lecram Entertainment Group is an independent boutique entertainment group of companies, with activities and shareholdings in: film, commercials, documentaries, photography, music, media, advertising, p.r.&marketing, art, management&trading, consultancy, M&A advise and entertainment related venture capital.

The following companies are 100% daughters of the Lecram Entertainment Group:

  • Cellusion Films & Content
  • Lecram Management & Trading
  • Creative Agents (CA)
  • Lecram Clips
  • Lecram Records
  • Lecram Press Agency (LPA)


Besides these companies, the Lecram Entertainment Group has several interests in media & entertainment related ventures, both national and international.